Exist in Photographs

When your children go to look for photographs of you, what will they find?  How many times have you said "I'll get my photo taken with my children when I lose the 20 pounds I want to lose".  How many years has it been since you've said that?  You say it year after year.  Soon enough, your children will go off to college, they'll get married, they'll move away.  The photos you wanted to take after you lost the 20 pounds never happened.  It always got pushed off. 

I say all of this because I know it's true.  As a child and teenager, I remember wanting my mother to take photos with me and my brothers.  I wanted to see her hugging us and playing with us.  She always wanted to lose 20 pounds.  She always said she was too fat.  Too ugly.  But I didn't care.  My mother passed suddenly on November 17, 2013.  When I went to look for photographs of her once she was gone, what did I find?  I found three.  THREE.  At the time, I was 34 years old.  Three photos in 34 years because she felt too fat...too ugly, it wasn't important, she wasn't ready.  One of them was taken when I was about 3.  The other two were taken at my first wedding in 2004.  

Mama, I know it's hard to get in those photos.  I know it's hard to not like how you look.  I've honestly been there. I still get very nervous being in photos with my children because I'm still self-conscious about the way I look. But if there's one thing I know as an adult who was a child whose mother was never in photos with us, it is of the utmost importance to do this.  It is critical.

this mother's day, i would like to make it a little easier for you to get in photographs with your children.  between now and may 31st, if you book and pay for a family session, i am offering 15% off plus a free gift.  it's so easy - just use the 'contact' me section above to shoot me a message. To be clear: You do not need to have your actual session in the month of may. 

Please. If there is anything you can do for your children, exist in photographs.  Because when your children go to look for photographs of you when you're gone, what will they be left with?  what will they find?